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Our First Album: "In Stereo"

"Funk at its finest... captures a band firing on all cylinders for an album that is destined to rock the party."

- Ric Taylor, View Magazine

"Great music... these guys are definitely on a great level."

- DJ Goldfinger, What Is Hip Radio's "Best of 2010" Show on CIUT FM

How to Get It

1. Barter for a digital copy. All reasonable/creative offers considered.

2. Buy MP3s or a CD from IndiePool,, iTunes, or any of these 50+ online stores.

4. Ask for it at HMV, Chapters/Indigo, and a ton of independent records stores (here's a full list of stores.)

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Head to This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton this Sunday night for a killer night of hiphop and funk music. We're sharing the stage with the incredible talents of Hamilton's Hachey the MouthPEACE, Toronto's D-Sisive, and Ottawa's Flight Distance who are celebrating the release of their new album. The evening will be glued together by DJ Close from Canadian Winter.

This is the first real hiphop gig we've been a part of unless you count enthusiastic fans who grab the mic during our live shows. Check out the links - there's some great talent on the bill! See you there.

Facebook event HERE.

Dave Liebman's Drum Ode is (to me) mostly remarkable for the 9 minute "Loft Dance", although the two-drumkit + caveman sax "The Call" is super cool and the 30 second intro features the artist talking about how awesome drummers are - dying to be sampled, if it hasn't already.

One of my favourites John Abercrombie is on guitar, and I'd never heard of long-time Liebman partner Richie Beirach before this but his rhodes sound is so nice and bitey and his runs are super tight.


This Wednesday we'll be tearing it up along with Magik Company at The Casbah. Come have a pint with us and check out the sounds!

  • what: a set of tasty originals from our upcoming album
  • where: the casbah, 306 king st. w, hamilton
  • when: wednesday, september 24th, ten o'clock-ish

We're playing with Funk-rockers The Sticky Roberts Band and Burlington's Delmar Junction Thursday at The Casbah in Hamilton. Come by for some craft beer and cut a rug!

Facebook event here.

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