About the Quadrafonics

The funk of the sixties and seventies has become Frankenstein’s monster, unearthed by twenty years of hunchbacked crate diggers. It's been chopped to pieces and reassembled by mad scientists for eager generations of shelltoe-clad party rockers, rave cadets, headphone hip hoppers, breakbeat junkies - basically anybody who's turned on a radio since the eighties. There's something true in that raw, dusty sound, and we love it too much to let it die.

So what is funk music in 2016? With eclectic backgrounds in funk, instrumental hiphop, jazz and rock, the Quadrafonics are having a blast finding out.

james orr

james orr

  • keys and turntables
  • made hiphop like this back in the day with the WSP Crew
  • led the Burlington Junior Funk All-Stars to great victory
andrew king

andrew "bleedin head" king

  • hot sweaty sax
  • studied with pat labarbera at humber college
  • handsome as all get-out
jeremy binkle

jeremy binkle

  • bass
  • played with nimbus, red echo, atticus radley, dexter, and driven
  • has more vinyl than you

mike "rofone" fanning

  • drums
  • graduated from humber college music program
  • teacher for the world champion cadets drum corps since 2003

dave gould

  • master of congas, world percussion, strange devices
  • not actually a band member, but our favourite special guest